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The Sartorial Geek Podcast

Jun 11, 2020

THANK YOU to this week’s Patreon supporters: Natasha, Elizabeth, Erin, Katelyn, Sara, and Kira. We love you.


We’d also like to give a big thank you to this week’s sponsor, LoganArch!

This week’s episode is coming out a week later than scheduled because we wanted to leave space for important conversations to happen last week (because #BlackLivesMatter). 


I am so excited to introduce you to our very special guests: E.K. Johnston and Annalise Ophelian.


Annalise is the filmmaker behind Looking for Leia, a seven part docu-series about women as well as non-binary fans who found identity, connection, and purpose in their love of the galaxy far, far away. E.K. Johnston is the author of several amazing Star Wars books including Ahsoka, Queen’s Shadow, and the very recently released Queen’s Peril.


We discuss all things related to the Star Wars fandom, fan girls, cons, the prequels, and Queen Amidala. We dive deep into fandom and the value of storytelling. It’s one of my favorite conversations to date, and I’m so glad to be able to share it with you!


Please pick up Queen’s Peril and follow both of our guests online for updates on future exciting projects!

Special thanks to our editor + music composer Dan Ison and our executive producers for this episode LoganArch and Karen Hallion.

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