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The Sartorial Geek Podcast

Jun 15, 2020

This week’s mini episode explores one of the fashion lessons I’ve discovered during quarantine.


I’ve been fortunate enough to rarely have to leave my house during this pandemic, which means I’ve been able to dress basically however I want. Because you all know how I feel about fashion, I honestly expected this to be the season of sweatpants and old tees. While I’ve definitely had my fair share of days I just don’t care about getting dressed (as I type this in lounge pants and a comfy t-shirt), I have learned something new in this time of honestly being able to wear whatever I want.


I actually kind of like putting thought into what I wear. And it takes a lot less time and energy than I tell myself it does.


Putting in earrings takes 5 seconds. Tossing on a necklace takes 5 seconds. Wearing a skirt or dress instead of sweats doesn’t actually take any extra time, most of the time. And I tend to feel a lot better all day if I do.


Have you had any fashion epiphanies during quarantine? Let’s chat in the comments!

Special thanks to our editor + music composer Dan Ison and our executive producers for this episode LoganArch and Karen Hallion.


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